Those of you who miss Jerry and the gang can relive pleasant memories with our many exciting features at this vast Seinfeld archive.

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Has Seinfeld Been produced on DVD? Yes, seinfeld is being produced on DVD. Please see our Seinfeld on DVD page for more information.

Can I buy copied (ie illegal) versions of Seinfeld Episodes on VCD, VHS or DVD from No, we do not sell illegal copies of either VHS, VCD or DVD. We also do not recommend buying seinfeld episodes, as you can download them for free, and often the difference of quality is negligible. But if you can't wait uintil Seinfeld is on DVD then at least make sure that you deal with someone you can trust . Also make sure that you are given a sample copy to test the quality of the episodes and if they work on your DVD player.

Where can I download Seinfeld Episodes? Seinfeld episodes (all 180) can be downloaded from many places, including file sharing software such a Kazaa (we recommend using Kazaa Lite, which has no spyware or adware included - download from, also download episodes from IRC (anyone know a good place for episodes on IRC? please email me). Some websites also offer seinfeld episodes for download, although sometimes the reliability of thier hosting is questionable (but, hey there free!) Some websites include, Seinology - (no longer works)

In the future, plans to offer episodes for download but only on a limited basis.

Is there a Seinfeld newsgroup and where can I access it? Yes, there is a seinfeld newsgroup - If your ISP supports newsgroups then you can use outlook express or any other newsreader to access it. If you ISP doesn't support newsgroups then you can access it via google newsgroups. The direct link to the seinfeld newsgroup via google is

Where can I buy tickets for Jerry Seinfeld's standup performances? has partnered with Tickets Now to offer seinfeld fans the chance too see Jerry Seinfeld live. Tickets are for premium seating and for sold out events. Buy tickets Here

Do you have information about Festivus? Yes, we have a page devoted to providing you with all the information so you and family and friends can celebrate. Click here for the page on Festivus.








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